I'm gonna draw Arthur Darvill!
I'm Amy's husband. We got married and went off and had adventures with the Doctor. My life is hectic.

Because of some stuff that happened, this blog might contain spoilers! So watch out.

I'm Gonna Draw Arthur Darvill! (click me!)
Update? What’s that?

Look. I know this has been abandoned. It was a rough semester. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be working on some new stuff. Got one drawing of Arthur Darvill done. It’s on campus but I’ll post it as soon as I get back. And because I fail at managing this blog, I’m going to draw a second one for you all.

Also, I’m working on a cosplay for an upcoming anime convention. I’m going to be older Amy Pond from The Girl Who Waited. Armor is being made right now. I’ll post some pictures if and when I get it all done.


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The Glee Project! My friend, Heather is trying to get on the Glee Project and it would mean the world to us if you guys would like her video! She’s really talented and she’s a great friend so please, please, please like it! Facebook rules, guys. Click the link right here to view the autition!

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Help me name my screech owl!


I don’t know what to call him. And I can’t name him after my swords.

Because Soul Edge, Lady Rainicorn, and Lord Monochromicon are terrible names for an boy owl!

Maybe I’ll name him Stormageddon. Or Roranicus!

Tempted to name my owl Roranicus as you can see.

But seriously, if you have any idea what I could name my owl in Pottermore, leave an ask in my personal blog.

Yeah btw I’m in Pottermore now.

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wavemaker9 said:

Happy birthday! (even if you'll probably get this afterwards)

Thank you! :3

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andrewteapotts said:

Happy birthday!!! :D

Thanks :)

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Tiny update.

I’ve been working on Psych exams all week. Now I have to work on Math so I don’t fail my exam on Wednesday. Soooo…I’m still alive. It’s must holy crap I am busy!

On the bright side, it’s my birthday! Gonna go to dinner with my birthday buddy and watch Adventure Time.

PS—Who else loves Inspector Spacetime?

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NEW LAPTOP! That totally just happened.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym, doing some homework, and hopefully work on some comics.

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So there’s a huge crack in my screen so I won’t be posting anything until it’s fixed.

I don’t know how it happened, but I know that I have the absolute worst luck ever.

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I need to dress as a centurion…


I need to dress as a centurion…

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